Let’s say you’ve read this blog article and you’ve figured out a strategy for what to post on Instagram. You’re fired up because you’ve got great content, you’ve got some topics to post about, and you’re a scheduling machine getting those posts ready to go. But what do you write about in your Instagram captions?

You sit down in front of your computer and go to write out the caption, and just stare blankly. You can’t seem to find any words to caption your photo, and worse yet, the things you do come up with don’t sound like you at all! 

Has this happened to you before? I’m going to assume that since you’re reading this article, this has happened at least once before. I know that sometimes I get stuck for the right words to describe my photos, so I wanted to share my top three tips for what to use in that Instagram caption! 

3 Essentials for Engaging Instagram Captions-Handmade Journey

What Do I Put in My Instagram Captions?


1. Write the Way You Talk

Write conversationally. This basically means that you need to take everything you ever learned in your high school English class, and toss it out the window. I don’t mean basic grammar and punctuation, but as far as being very formal in your delivery of an idea, scrap it! 

You’re going to want to write the way you speak. Write as though you’re talking to a friend. That person is right there in front of you, and you’re having a conversation. Do you get formal in your speech, or are you more relaxed and casual? That’s what you want to bring to your Instagram captions.

**Remember, your audience is buying from a small business because they are searching for a connection. They want to feel like they know you and know your story. So speak to them in a way that showcases your authentic self.**


2. Why So Serious? 

Instagram as a whole is very lighthearted. They are fun, carefree, and playful! (Emojis anyone?) When you’re writing your Instagram captions, try to merge what you’re saying and your brand into the overall theme and brand that Instagram is known for. 

Be lighthearted in your speech. Use emojis wherever you can for that jovial playful spirit. People are coming to Instagram to unwind and relax. Don’t get too serious on them all the time. 

Obviously, if your brand is a more subdued serious tone, then you’ll not want to go too overboard with this, but definitely throw in a couple of posts occasionally that are more geared towards the lighthearted theme of the platform. 


3. Direct Their Attention

Even though you’re not trying to sell to them in your posts, your Instagram caption should always include a call to action. Directing their attention to a blog post, or to your other social media platforms is a good idea to get them to interact with you and your brand outside of that one post. 

On the posts that you are promoting a product, you can direct the reader to the link to your shop, or you can send them to your blog after you’ve written an awesome new article. 

But one of the best ways to get those followers to engage with you is to simply ask a question to get them thinking. Ask something thought-provoking, or invite them to share a story with you that relates the topic you’ve just written about.

Whatever you do, make sure that you’re sharing a call to action in most of your Instagram captions to promote that engagement. 


*Bonus Tip* When in doubt, be brief. There’s nothing worse than a long-winded caption that makes your eyelids droop! When in doubt about your caption, the briefer the better! 


It’s really not too hard to come up with a great Instagram caption if you just break it down into a few chunks. Make sure you’re writing the way you’d speak to a friend, don’t take yourself so seriously, and remember a call to action. If you make sure to include these three elements in every post, you will be on the right path! 


What do you struggle with the most when coming up with an Instagram caption? Share with me in the comments! 

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