If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know how much I adore Pinterest. It’s my happy place, where I go to look at pretty things & find amazing advice.

I also think it’s a great place to be for your handmade biz. Because it’s such a visual medium, and our handmade products are gorgeous, the two fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

So where do you even begin to start when creating your Pinterest account for your handmade biz? It’s overwhelming to be sure, but I also think that if you break it down into small chunks, it will be so much easier!

I’m going to share with you, my top three keys to a successful, profitable Pinterest strategy and where I think you need to focus the most attention when creating content. So let’s dive in!

A Profitable Pinterest Strategy

3 Keys to a Profitable Pinterest Strategy-Handmade Journey.com

#1. Keywords

You hear this all the time, right? “Use some good keywords” “Keywords are key to great SEO!” “Have great keywords and you’ll make millions!” (Okay maybe not that last one, but you get the picture)

While that sounds intimidating, it’s actually very simple. You’re just using words that your audience will be using to find your products. For example, imagine you’re searching for a coffee lovers sign to hang in your kitchen.

What words would you use to search for that on Etsy or Google? Something like “Coffee Lover Wood Sign” I’d imagine, right? That is your keyword phrase, and those are the keywords that you want to include in your pin descriptions on Pinterest.

A profitable Pinterest strategy begins with good SEO and you can’t make that happen without some great keywords that describe your products.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself for Good Keywords Could Be:

  • What color is it?
  • How is it used?
  • What’s the shape?
  • How tall is it?
  • What occasions would you be using this with?
  • Is it a good gift?
  • Who will be using this product?

Keep these in mind when coming up with keywords to use in your pin descriptions!

#2. Consistency

This seems pretty self-explanatory, but cannot be stressed enough. Pinterest loves accounts that are consistently using their platform. They give top ranking in their algorithms to the accounts that are producing high quality, consistent content.

To maintain a profitable Pinterest strategy you will need to have consistent content circulating on Pinterest. While you can do this manually, there are a ton of scheduling tools out there that you can utilize to help free up some time.

I recommend Tailwind to get started. If you’re not familiar with this awesome scheduling tool, check out this blog post where I go more in depth about the power of this program, and what it can do for your biz.

Making sure you’re consistently using Pinterest will get your pins out in front of other eyes, different accounts, and can explode your traffic to your shop or website with very minimal effort.

#3. Group Boards

Group boards on Pinterest are key to expanding your reach and influence. These little secret weapons are very underrated, and not talked about very often, so if you haven’t heard about them don’t worry, I’m about to!

Group boards are just what the title suggests. They are boards on Pinterest that have more than one contributor. Someone starts a board (let’s say for coffee lovers!) and invites two or three friends to pin to it as well.

Those friends can then invite other friends, and so on and so forth. (Depending on the rules set up by the board creator.) Joining a group board is one of the best ways I know of to get your products in front of new eyes, and introduced into a new niche as well.

Maybe you haven’t thought about a certain angle for your products, but a pinner on your group board sees your awesome stuff, and pins to her board. This is not necessarily your target market, but they are fresh eyes that might just click over to your shop.


*Sneak Peek- You can tell if you’re looking at a group board by the number of contributors it shows in the top right-hand corner of the board. (Check out the graphic below).

3 Keys to a Profitable Pinterest Strategy-Handmade Journey.com


Coming up with your profitable Pinterest strategy won’t be too difficult if you can just start small and do a little bit every day.

Just make sure you’re always adding keywords to the descriptions of your pins, pin consistently, and join some group boards, and your profile will be getting tons of traffic in no time flat!

Have you put your business up on Pinterest yet? What areas have you struggled with while using it for business? Let’s talk about it below, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!