Do you love Instagram as much as I do? It’s such a fun place to scroll through and unwind after a busy day. I know I love to go look through the Instagram profiles (and mostly IG stories if I’m being honest!) of all the amazing people I follow. I love reading about their lives and seeing the new products they have out.

If you’re a handmade seller, you probably are already on Instagram for your business. If you’re like I was when I started, you’re probably struggling to get your Instagram profile seen. You are posting consistently, but you’re not getting very much engagement. Does this sound like you?

Well, in this article I’ve got some essential things that I think you need to have in your Instagram profile to get the engagement that you want in order for potential customers to click through and see your content.

3 Must-Haves for your Instagram Profile--Handmade Journey

How to Get Your Instagram Profile Seen

#1. Clear, Descriptive Bio

Your bio is the first thing that people see when they look at your Instagram profile. People are coming here to check you out and figure out if you’re someone they feel like following. Something about your posts brought them to your profile. Whether it’s to find out more by clicking on a link, to see what you make, or just curiosity.

Optimize your Instagram Profile

This is your chance to make a good first impression. So make sure you have a friendly smiling picture of yourself, and a clear description of your product or service. Use a couple of good hashtags in your description as well. This will make it easier for people to find your profile when they’re searching hashtags.

#2. Hashtags

Hashtags are the lifeblood of your Instagram profile. This is what Instagram algorithms are using to help people find a specific post or topic. A well-researched hashtag can mean the difference between your post being seen by thousands, or dozens.

You can use up to thirty hashtags per post. Whether to use all of them is very controversial, however, I think you should go ahead and add as many relevant hashtags that you can find for your product and niche.

Search for hashtags that are relevant to your brand, your product, and your post. You can either add them into the post caption or below that in the first comment. (I prefer the first comment, it looks less spammy!)

#3. Call to Action

As human beings, we don’t necessarily do something unless we’re told to do it. A call to action simply means you’re asking someone to do something. So this can be as simple as asking a question or directing them to a blog article.

Having a call to action in your Instagram profile is a great way for people to see more of your brand and to connect with you in other ways than through Instagram itself. You can put a link to your Etsy shop, your blog, your standalone website, or have them sign up for your email list.

Whichever path is right for your business, make sure that the call to action is short, makes sense, and sets you up to connect with that customer outside of your Instagram profile.

**Bonus Tip: Make sure your posts are consistent in color, and style. Using different fonts for your quote posts can be fun, but take away from the overall look and feel you’re trying to build for your brand. Use the same colors, fonts, and tone in all your posts to build an overarching cohesive brand on your Instagram profile.

Optimize your Instagram Profile

Having your profile optimized for visitors is really easy when you break it down. I know it can seem overwhelming, but just take it one tiny step at a time. Start with filling in your description. Make it short and clear about who you are and what you do. Then move on to hashtags and a call to action, and you’ll set yourself up for visitors in no time.

Do you need an example of an Instagram profile that has been optimized? I’d love to have you check out the Handmade Journey Instagram page to see what I’m talking about!

Just click here to head straight over there!

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    • Hi Joy,

      I didn’t mean to say that hashtags themselves are spammy. I meant adding them into the caption looks a little cluttered and unprofessional. That’s why I recommend putting them in the first comment after your caption. But you’re free to add them wherever works best for your business! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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