Bright and clean product photography can be the key to convincing Etsy buyers to click on your products. Learn my tips and tricks for great product photos.

Product photography goes hand in hand with a good SEO strategy.  SEO is how you get found in the search results and good photos are what determine if a buyer will click on your listing.  It doesn’t matter if you show up on page one of the search results unless you have good photos that entice Etsy shoppers to click.

Here are some basic tips that I’ve learned from my experience to help create product photos for Etsy that will make buyers want to take a closer look.

#1: Use a simple background to let your product shine

The first photo you add to your product listing is crucial to getting views and sales.  You want to make sure that your product is the star of the show.  The easiest way to do this is to choose a simple background that doesn’t compete with your product.  A lot of Etsy sellers choose white or wood backgrounds which are great options.

They work for a lot of products but don’t feel like you have to go that route.  You can think outside the box with your product photography by trying out scrapbook papers, fabrics, placemats, distressed wood, metal, wallpaper, etc.

I recommend experimenting with different backgrounds until you find one that lets your product shine and is a good fit for your brand.  Some sellers add decorative items into their main photo as well to help draw attention and emphasize what the product is.  You can do this but make sure they don’t overshadow the product.

Adding additional items to the first photo is a more advanced technique because it can easily make a photo look cluttered when viewed in the search results.  To start, I recommend keeping just your product and a background in your first photo.

One thing I never recommend is placing your products on the floor for your photos.  Even if you have gorgeous hardwood floors, buyers are going to wonder why you’re selling them something you’ve had on the floor.

#2: Create a cohesive look for your shop

I recommend using a similar first photo for each product within your shop to create a cohesive look for your shop.  This helps define your style and your brand. Think of how Target does this by using a red and white color scheme through the whole store.

No matter where you are in Target you can see their branding on display.  Your Etsy shop should feel the same way.  Whether you use the same background for each photo or you create a theme for your photos, make sure that each first photo has a similar look and feel that represents your brand.

#3: Use natural light

Great lighting is the key to amazing product photos.  To help achieve natural-looking photos that are clear and bright, I always recommend using natural light and avoiding harsh flashes or artificial light.  My favorite places to take photos are beside a window or door or outside under a covering such as a porch or in the shade of a building.

When using natural light make sure to avoid direct sunlight which can be too harsh.  You can use a sheer curtain to help diffuse light if your photography spot only has direct sunlight.

Another tip is to use a homemade reflector such as a piece of white foam board to bounce light on the side of the product that isn’t receiving as much natural light.  Too much shadow can be as bad as too much light.

I like this blog post from White on Rice Couple that shows a creative background choice and it shows how to use a piece of white foam core to help bounce light onto the side that is opposite from the natural light source.

#4: Take shots that show scale, detail & function

You can upload 10 photos per product.  Take advantage of those spots to show buyers that your product is perfect for them with these suggestions:

  • A photo that shows scale can be achieved by placing your product beside a common object or use a model for apparel and accessories.  This helps buyers feel confident that your product is the size they are looking for.
  • Take a close up photo that shows the detail, texture, and quality of your work.  Some cameras have a macro setting that is perfect for close up photos.  Show a different angle or detail than you used in your other photos if possible.
  • Stage a photo of your product in use to show it’s function.  Help your customers imagine your product in their lives.  If you sell cutting boards, put a knife and block of cheese in the photos.  For jewelry such as rings or bracelets, recruit a friend to be a hand model.  Home decor can be staged in your own home.

One thing I do want to mention though is just because you have 10 spots for photos on Etsy doesn’t’ mean you need to use them all.  Quality is better than quantity.  Each photo you add should show a new perspective of your product.  If you upload several photos that are really similar it’s just a waste of your customer’s time to look through them all.

#5: Make a few simple edits

Editing photos can be tricky for Etsy sellers. It’s hard to know where to start and it’s really easy to over-edit a photo.  I recommend keeping it simple by editing the exposure (how much light the photo has) and by sharpening the photo.  Doing these two things helps create a bright and in focus photo that will have a classic look.

For editing photos on your phone or tablet, I recommend using a free app called Snapseed available for Android or iOS.  Or the Lightroom app is another good option.  If you are on your computer I recommend using  Photoshop for the best results.  All of these programs allow you to adjust the exposure (brightness, highlights, shadows, contrast) and sharpen the image.  Edit slowly to make sure you’re not overdoing it.  Less is often better when it comes to editing.

Takeaways for Great Product Photography

  • Use a simple & neutral background for your first photo to let your product take the spotlight
  • Show off your style and brand by choosing a similar look or theme for each product’s first photo
  • Natural light is the key to achieving bright and clear product photos
  • Include photos that show detail, scale, and function to help your buyers imagine your product in their life
  • Fine-tune your photos by making a few simple edits in an image editing program

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  1. Hello, all the traditional professional ecommerce sites (i.e. ebay, amazon and many fashion ecommerce) uses pictures with white background and the product with less additional elements possible, to keep the customer focused on the product. So, no emotion pure product.
    Etsy is different, because i see a mix of ‘amazon like’ pictures (with white background and product only) and more emotional pictures with some additional elements (more similat to instagram). what do you suggest to use on Etsy for the cover picture of the product? emotional picture or full product focus? Thank you Paola

  2. I loved this article! I follow your posts fairly often and you’re always coming out with
    some great ideas! I shared this on my Facebook and my followers did like it!
    Please keep up the great work :).

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