All Etsy sellers are focused on boosting sales.  One of the best ways that you can do this is to manually renew your listings.  When you manually renew your products your listings will appear higher in the search results for your chosen keyword phrases which is the goal of a good SEO strategy.  This will help you achieve more views and more sales.  Read below to learn more about renewing.

Etsy renewing can be the key to boosting your sales. Click to learn more about why you should start renewing today!What is renewing?

Renewing a listing within Etsy gives the product a new listing date and a new expiration date which is four months from the date you renew the listing. Etsy charges 20 cents each time you renew a product. Most Etsy sellers only renew products when they sell or when they expire.  It’s not well known, but you can manually renew your listings at any time.

Why should I renew my listing before it expires?

Renewing is important because of a factor that determines your products appear in the Etsy search results called recency. Recency refers to how recently each product was added to Etsy either through a new listing or through a renewal. Etsy gives recently renewed products a boost in the search engine rankings.
Products are renewed when they are initially added to Etsy, when they are manually renewed or when they are sold and auto-renewed. This is why the Etsy search results adjust many times throughout the day as products are sold and renewed.  One of the best ways to give yourself a boost in the search ranking is to manually renew your listings. When you appear higher in the search results you have a much better chance of getting views which equal sales.

How do I manually renew my listings?

There are two ways to renew an active listing within Etsy.

  1. You can renew a listing from your Listings Manager by checking the box of the item you want to renew. Then scroll to the top of the page and clicking Renew.  You can also select Renew from the gear menu of the item you’d like to renew.
  2. The second way to renew within Etsy is from any listing page.  As long as you are signed in, a set of listing tools will be at the top of each listing page.  Click Renew.

What is the goal of renewing my listings?

The ultimate goal of renewing is to give your product a big boost in the Etsy search results for your chosen keyword phrases.  Ideally, you want to appear in the first 192 listings for the keyword phrase that you’ve added to the front of your title which means you’ll appear on one of the first 4 pages of search results.  Buyers often only look through the first few pages of results for a keyword phrase before they move onto a new keyword phrase.  This means you’ll be a lot more likely to receive views if your product appears on the first 4 pages.

If you’re already appearing in the first 192 search results for the keyword phrase you’ve added to the front of your title you may not need to manually renew your product or you may want to choose a more competitive keyword phrase.

How often should I renew my listings?

There are a few different factors that determine how frequently you should renew your listings.

  1. Keyword phrase competitiveness:  If you are using keyword phrases that have a lot of competing products appearing for the phrase within Etsy you will need to renew your product more frequently.
  2. Momentum of the listing:  A product that has been on Etsy for a while and has achieved good sales in the past will rank higher than a new product.  You may have to renew a new product or one that has less momentum more frequently.

What time of day should I renew my listings?

You should renew your listings at a time when your target market is most likely to be online shopping.  This can vary depending upon the target market and their location.  For me, early evening around 7 PM has given the best results with mid-morning around 10 AM following closely behind.

One way to research this is to take a look at the times that you’ve received sales in the past.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to look through your Etsy sale email notifications to see if you can spot any trends based on the times.  You can also view the order times from the Detailed Stats within Etsy but you can only see the times when viewing each day individually so this can take more time.

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14 comments on “Renewing to Boost Your Etsy Sales”

  1. Do I have to pay the $.20 renewal fee every time I renew an active listing in this manner, or just when I renew an expired listing?

  2. I believe this is the main reason why shops fail, or the owners get discouraged. You set your listings and think they are good until the renew date.

    Also visits or views. The conversion rate is good at 1-3% I used to get so discouraged that people were looking hut not buying. Not realizing that 1 purchase to 100 visits is normal.

    • The more you can renew the better but for most people they renew based on their budget and their number of listings. Also, it depends on how competitive the keyword phrases you have chosen are. So there isn’t an easy answer but I do provide a course on advanced renewing in the Handmade Journey Academy that makes it a lot easier to figure out when to renew. The doors aren’t open for new members right now but you can sign up to be notified when they do here:

  3. unfortunately, it is no longer true what you write about the renewal
    I myself am a successful salesman
    but for some weeks there are big changes in the search
    etsy accepts offers renewed by sellers 4 weeks ago
    and my renovations of well-sold items are no longer found
    an example
    I renew two articles a day every 3-5 hours and are therefore very well found in the categories
    because you have to know that in the categories very often changed
    but this entry that I renew so often never appears in the search results
    although I have optimized the article perfectly in tags and titles

    • When you’re getting started it’s key to get a few sales under your belt so that buyers will feel more comfortable ordering from you. Create a coupon code for family and friends that’s at least 30% off to entice them to make a purchase from you. Ideally you’d go for an even higher coupon amount like 50% off or more. They’re also more likely to leave you a review so let them know that’s an option too.

    • Try not to repeat words so frequently in your title. For ex, in one of your dry shampoo listings you repeat that phrase 4 times which is taking up a lot of your title space. Instead say dry shampoo 2 times or less and use the space for other relevant keyword phrases.

  4. Hey! Can you please explain why/if manually renewing them is better than automatically? Do you mean that the automatic timeframe is too long, so the recency factor for listings is gone? Thanks

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