Designs by Rachel LynnThis week I’m excited to introduce you to Rachel Wenger of Designs by Rachel Lynn.

From  wristlets to chapstick holders you’ll find lots of products in super fun prints and colors within Rachel’s shop.  Read on to learn more about Rachel and her business.

1) Tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started.

I am a wife and boy mommy that works full time in marketing for a scenic design company in the Entertainment Industry, with a business on the side. Whoa. It all started after graduating from college with a Fashion Marketing Business degree, looking for a full time job and not finding much in the field in the middle of Amish Country (Lancaster, PA!).

I used my skills of sewing along with my skills in the marketing field to build a brand for myself, making and sewing women’s accessories. I’ve experienced a lot of local craft shows, trade shows, wholesaling and Etsy selling and am excited about the future of my business!

2) What is your favorite part of owning a handmade business?

My favorite part of owning a handmade business is by far the satisfaction. There is nothing quite like that perfect review where someone says things like “Love it! She was absolutely the best to work with. Understood and helped me with my needs and it turned out amazing!”

It really gets my motivation going when I see an awesome review like this because I truly believe that the best thing you can do for a business is have a great personal presence to your customers.

3) What is something you’ve learned during your handmade journey that you’d like to share to help or inspire others?

I’ve learned so much! I’ve been selling on Etsy for 7 years, and never thought to really just stop, take another look at my shop, and make it cohesive. I always looked at each listing as just individual listings, thinking people will only look at that one listing and not actually shop around my entire Etsy store. Jami helped me to realize how important it is to be cohesive throughout your entire Etsy shop (as well as all social media platforms as well!).

I can now say that my personal website, Etsy shop, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest account all fall into the same branding and give off the same looks. I’ve also had more people purchasing multiple items in my shop and not just one! It’s a great feeling knowing that they are looking at my Etsy shop like a store!

4) How has the Handmade Journey Academy helped grow your business?

The Handmade Journey Academy has helped me grow my business in so many ways. As I said before, I never realized how important it was to be cohesive across multiple platforms!

I’ve learned that it is truly important to have a social media presence, and most importantly, that you use that presence to show and remind people that you are YOU! You are the one person behind your brand, making, sewing, creating, shipping, etc.! People love this. Remind them of this everyday! They LOVE personal connection and that is why this has been my focal point!

5) What are your future goals for your business?

The future scares me!
But really, I’ve been working really hard at getting people to know my brand. I’m doing this because my short-term goal is to have a super successful holiday season. Long term, I’m not 100% sure yet, but the idea of creating a brand with a few other momma’s like me helping to sew so that I can have the time to work on the Marketing aspect sounds just up my alley! 🙂

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