This week I’m excited to introduce you to Mario Saverino of MarioSiArt. He creates stunning art on cards, ready to frame prints, and personalized stationary.  Click below to see some of his amazing work up close!

1) Tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started.

MarioSiART is all about my journey with my art and sharing it with the world. I started out with Blank Note Cards and have been slowly growing with Signed Art Prints ready to frame, other Personalized Stationery and soon Graphic Art Prints and Inspirational Quotes. I said in one of my listings in my Etsy Shop, I want to keep the art of sending handwritten note cards and thank you cards alive in this new digital age.

The way I got started is very unique for me. I always wanted to be an artist and or graphic designer working in a big bright art studio and creating all day. As a good friend of mine would say, “Oh you want to sit around and draw all day.” I guess that’s true. My biggest problem or fear was I was unable to find inspiration. I had all the supplies, papers, inks, paints, brushes, pens and pencils, yet every time I would start thinking today is the day, I would draw a blank. It wasn’t until my best friend passed that I realized life was short and I should follow my dreams before it’s too late. So I booked a flight and set out to the one placed I always dreamed of seeing, Italy. When I returned from Italy everything in my life changed and my stalled talent started pouring out of me. Everyday since I have either painted, doodled, sketched something or took my camera and started looking at everything and anything. Italy was my muse. I became alive as an artist and I haven’t looked back since.

2) What is your favorite part of owning a handmade business?

My favorite part of having a handmade life business is freedom. Freedom to explore and try and be me. I love creating. I love filling orders. Each one of my orders is very personal to me – just like my art and while I am working on an order I am thinking of the person that ordered from me. Hoping they will love it as much as I do creating it. I hope my art will bring them some happiness, some joy and I am truly dedicating my art to them. I don’t keep stock and I don’t mass produce. I have my originals in a file drawer and when an order is placed, I get to work printing, cutting the paper, scoring the paper, and folding, if it’s for a note card set and packing. I find this to be as creative as when I created the original. I enjoy this process. I’m actually looking forward to the days I receive so many orders I am up all night filling them.

3) What is something you’ve learned during your handmade journey that you’d like to share to help or inspire others?

Be patient. If you work hard you are bound to get someone to notice you. My new motto is the more fishing poles you put out, the more chances of catching a fish you will get. So trying anything and everything it can never hurt you if you are putting your all into it. Another thing I learned is, not everyone cares about your products as much as you do. That’s ok, but when someone does find me, orders something they found interesting and then takes the time to write an email thanking me, means I have done something right and encourages me to keep working. I also have learned is you are not allowed to give up. If you are slow or not getting sales keep on creating and trying something you have not thought of. Learn more about other peoples craft. Learn more of that crazy thing called SEO, which I still have no clue how that works. Just do it!

4) How has the Handmade Journey Academy helped grow your business?

– Reading questions and comments and having engagement is fantastic for me. Knowing I can ask a question and get a good solid answer to me is worth much.
– Watching and knowing there are many videos provided and basic steps you can follow from writing a good description to setting up an Instagram business page. This is just plain helpful information. I was totally lost when I did the Pinterest course – but guess what, it’s still there and I get to re-watch it again and again.
– That you can go at your own pace – and seeing that the Journey Academy is growing as well. I find it amazing how hands on Jami is – that blows me away – she answers every post and she comments on almost everyone’s post. Pretty amazing. To me that means she cares as much as I do. She can easily do less, but she doesn’t and I like knowing that her journey continues as well.

5) What are your future goals for your business?

Very hard question to answer – I have many. I guess my number one goal is the same as it was when I started all this – Keeping the Art of sending a person/friend a personal note card and just saying “hi” or a thank you message for a lovely dinner, gift or a card saying “hello, I’ve been thinking about you”.
Funny, every year I would get a great birthday card from my mother-in-law with a great note. One year she sent me a digital card that I had to sign-in to download – I wanted to shout when I received it, it was pretty upsetting. She never did that before in all these years. I know that she was very proud of herself that she was able to use the computer and do it – but it was still very sad to me. To this day I am thrilled when I pickup the mail and see a hand address envelope with my name on it. So my goal is to teach all the young people to learn how to write a note card as well. Sounds crazy. All my nieces and nephews send cards to me – their mom taught them well.

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