Etsy SEO

What is Etsy SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines, such as the product search within Etsy return results based on the keyword phrases users enter into the search bar. Etsy SEO refers to any of the work that you do to help improve where your products appear in the Etsy search results.  Where your products appear in the search is often called search ranking.

How does SEO work within Etsy?

Your title and tags within each Etsy product listing are the main two pieces of info that Etsy uses to determine which search results your listings will appear in and where they will appear.  When your product appears in the search results for a particular keyword phrase that is referred to as ranking for that keyword phrase.  To optimize your Etsy SEO, you will want to look at each product listing and determine which keywords your buyers are most likely to use when searching.  These are the words that you will use in your title and your tags.

Setting up your Etsy Title

Each product title can have up to 140 characters within it which includes spaces.  The length of the title won’t impact where you appear in the search results but Etsy has said that shorter titles convert better.  The reason they say this is because shorter titles are typically easier for the buyer to read.  To help make the title readable you can also separate your keyword phrases with commas or dashes.

Another important point is to make sure you use keywords that describe your product.  Showing up for the wrong search terms won’t generate sales, and you’ll be wasting valuable keyword space.


You want to put the keyword phrase that best describes your product at the front of the title.  Buyers need to understand at a quick glance what it is they’re looking at so focus on the most basic description of what your item is for the front of your title.

Here is an example of a title that I would use for a wood sign that says But First, Coffee.

But First Coffee Wood Sign – Rustic Wood Kitchen Decor – Housewarming Gift for Her

You also want to focus on finding good quality long tail keywords.  Click here to read a post all about what they are and how to select them.

Setting up your Etsy Tags

Tags are what Etsy calls the keywords for each listing.  You can have up to 13 tags for each of your products.  Each tag can have up to 20 characters including spaces.  Create your tags using a mix of the keyword phrases that you added in your title as well as other phrases that help describe the item (colors, sizes, shapes, who it would make a good gift for, where the item can be used, how the item is used, occasions the item would be used for, etc).  Also, if your keyword phrase is too long to fit in one tag break it up into two tags.

Here is an example of tags I would use for a wood sign that says But First, Coffee.

but first coffee, Coffee sign, coffee bar, coffee kitchen sign, housewarming gift, coffee gift, coffee, kitchen decor, birthday gift, gift for her, just because gift, christmas gift, gift for mom

I wanted to create a tag with the words “But First, Coffee Sign” but it wouldn’t fit so I split it into two (“But First, Coffee” and “Coffee Sign”).


Are there other things that impact SEO?

Yes.  Etsy has a complicated algorithm that they use to determine the order that product listings appear in the search results.  Some of these are last renewed date, the number of favorites and sales, reviews, your profile and whether you have any open cases against your shop.  All of this can be overwhelming.  When starting out, focus on making sure that you’ve accurately described your product using a variety of keyword phrases in your title and tags.

To learn more about the Etsy search click here to read the Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search.

Takeaways for Etsy SEO:

  • Etsy SEO is the key to making sure your listings appear when buyers search within Etsy
  • Use keyword phrases in your title that accurately describe your product
  • Use all 13 tags for each listing
  • Use a variety of keywords so you can appear in as many search results as possible

 Ready to take your Etsy SEO to the next level?

Disclaimer:  The above info is what has worked well for me in my experience of running a successful Etsy shop.  While it has worked for me, you may experience a different result.  Make changes slowly and be sure to save any previous information you are replacing in case you find that your previous choices worked better for you.

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  1. Great read I have been on Etsy 6 years, seeing it slowing down since the Etsy change in April!

  2. IDoes it matter if the order of key words in my tags matches the order of the key words in my title? Does it make any difference how you separate your keywords in the title? And why is it important to place some kind of separator instead of just listing them straight through the title?

    Thank you for your generous sharing of your knowledge. I am learning guitar a bit!

    • The phrases within each tag should match the title where possible. So if you have the words “blue bunny” in your title you should add them in a tag as “blue bunny” vs “bunny blue”. I recommend separating phrases with either a comma or a dash. This helps make the title readable for your buyers.

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