5 Tips for Irresistible Etsy Product Descriptions

Etsy product descriptions are often one of the most overlooked parts of a listing.  The text that you include in your descriptions can be one of the biggest determining factors over whether your shoppers click Add to Cart. These 5 tips will give you all the tools you need in order to write irresistible Etsy product descriptions!

5 Tips for Irresistible Etsy Product Descriptions


Tip #1: Break Your Description Down into Sections

Sectioning off your Etsy product descriptions keeps them easy to scan through. Most Etsy customers are browsing Etsy and looking at tons of listings at once to make a decision on what to buy. If your product descriptions are in one huge paragraph, the buyer will feel overwhelmed and not want to read it so keep paragraphs to 2-3 sentences max.

Tip #2: Add Titles to Your Sections

Adding titles to your sections of your descriptions makes it easy for customers to zero in on the information they need. Use titles such as: Size, Processing Time, Customization throughout your description.  You can add bullet points or put these titles in all caps so that they stand out and are easy to spot.

Tip #3: Answer as Many Potential Buyer Questions as Possible

One thing to remember is that a confused buyer will move on. If a buyer is left with lingering questions, most buyers aren’t going to bother reaching out to you to ask for more info.

Make sure you answer as many questions as possible that any potential buyer may have. If it’s a shirt, is it true to size? Is it unisex or woman’s fit? If its a sign, what are the dimensions? If it’s a headband, what size head will it fit? What materials were used in your products?  What’s your processing and shipping time-frame?  Answer these common questions in a clear and concise way.

Tip #4: Add a Call to Action

A call to action is important because it’s where you ask your buyer to do something else.  A great call to action to add to your Etsy shop is to encourage buyers to keep browsing the rest of your items in your shop.  Add your call to action at the bottom of your description.

In my own shop I put something like this at the end of each product description: “Be sure to check out the rest of my rustic wood signs:”.

Tip #5: Add a Link to Your Etsy Shop

This tip falls right in line with the call to action tip.  Right below your call to action add in the link to your Etsy shop.  Because it’s an Etsy link this will be clickable and will encourage buyers to check out the rest of your listings.

The longer you can keep someone in YOUR shop, the more likely they are to buy YOUR products! This is the most crucial tip! If you do nothing else, use this tip!

Bonus Tip: Add a Sales Pitch

If you had a brick and mortar store you’d be able to talk up your products to your customers. Unfortunately you can’t do that on Etsy but a sales pitch paragraph at the top of your products is the next best thing.

This helps people envision the products in their life or helps them determine who the product would be a good gift for.  It’s also a way to naturally sprinkle in some of your keyword phrases which google loves.

To help you write your sales pitch I’m sharing an exclusive template where you just need to drop in the words to quickly create a sales pitch for each of your listings.  You’ll get a printable version too!  I’ve also shared a few examples to help you visualize how to use the template. To grab the template and see the examples simply type your name and email below.

Click here to grab a printable PDF version of the sales pitch template or check it out below!

Sales Pitch Template:

This (product name) that (describe a feature of the product) is the perfect (another word for what the product is) to (what is it used for?). This also makes a great gift for (who would it make a good gift for?). It would look great (where can you put this particular item?).

Example 1:  This red keyhole scarf that includes woven glitter yarn is the perfect gift for the mom in your life. This also makes a great gift for a friend who needs to stay warm. It would look great accessorizing your fall outfits as well.

Example 2:  This rustic wood sign that says Uncork & Unwind is the perfect wall decor to show off your love of wine. This also makes a great gift for wine loving friends and family. It would look great hanging in your farmhouse style kitchen or above your wine bar.

Example 3:  This blue and yellow baby blanket that can be personalized with your child’s name is the perfect bedding to accessorize your baby’s crib. This blanket also makes a great gift for new moms looking to personalize their baby’s room. It would look great thrown over the side of a crib or even hanging on the wall.


Handmade Spotlight: Craft-A-Boo

Handmade Spotlight: Craft-A-BooHandmade Spotlight: Craft-A-Boo

This week I’m excited to introduce you to Amber Johnson of Craft-A-Boo. Amber creates stunning crochet items. Including a Lego blanket that has gone viral!

1) Tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started.

My business started without really trying to start a business! I have never felt that artistic at all, growing up with two sisters who sing and draw beautifully. I have always felt like I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body!

Then I started sewing in high school and loved watching my grandmother quilt, so I started doing that. I fell in love! It was very therapeutic for me. Life kind of got in the way and I no longer had a way to set up my studio and pursue my passion for quilting. So I had to look to other creative outlets.

I had learned how to crochet as a teenager, but it wasn’t cool and I have literally zero patience for completing a project, so I kind of gave it up. But after I had to give up my quilting studio I decided I’d pick up a hook again and give it a whirl. I found that I loved crochet more than I had ever loved quilting and I was “hooked”. (hehe)

I started making things for friends and family, and they were telling me how good they were. I had already opened an Etsy store for my quilting stuff, but wasn’t finding much success with it. So I re-branded everything and started putting my crochet items up. I’ve found such fulfillment in my customers purchasing my things!

I love connecting with people in a truly unique way, and having a part of my heart being in their home is a wonderful feeling.

2) What is your favorite part of owning a handmade business?

Owning a handmade business gives me such freedom! I love the ability I have to work when I want, where I want. If I want to take a day off to visit a friend, I can do that. If I decide I’ve taken too many days off and have a mountain of work waiting for me and have to put in an eighteen hour work day I can!

I love the ability I have to truly prioritize my life on my terms. Without a boss or a time clock constantly breathing down my neck. It really is empowering to be able to live life on your terms.

3) What is something you’ve learned during your handmade journey that you’d like to share to help or inspire others?

Don’t give up! You are so strong, and capable of much more than you give yourself credit for. This is hard. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had. But it’s also the most rewarding, the most fulfilling, and the funnest job I’ve ever had!

You’re going to doubt yourself. You’re going to look at everything you’re doing, be tempted to throw it in the trash and convince yourself that you’re doing everything wrong. (true story!) Sometimes you’ll do that daily. But in those moments, truly take a minute to look at yourself and reflect back on your progress. Take a breather. Step away, and go play with your kids. Go read a book or watch some TV. But DO NOT QUIT! You are enough and you can do it!

This is the hardest lesson that I’ve learned, and am still learning. Everyday is a new challenge for me. Whether it’s health issues that keep me from fulfilling orders, to crickets when I put up a new listing. Sometimes I’ll have wild success with a post on social media and I’m on top of the world. Other days it’s so quiet that it makes me wonder if everyone simultaneously decided to just hate me! I convince myself that I’ve done something wrong, and get worked up and in my head about it.

In those moments, reach out to someone! Reach out to other handmade sellers, and get some perspective. Get a second opinion. Ask questions, learn, grow and laugh with others that are on the same journey you are. It’s so hard for me to be that vulnerable that it’s really difficult to reach out in moments of doubt. But once I do it, it’s so much better. And it will be for you too.

4) How has the Handmade Journey Academy helped grow your business?

Handmade Journey Academy has literally been my lifesaver! I have learned so much from this place that it’s unreal. I have had my shop open since 2009 but haven’t really done much with it. The times that I have decided to “work on my shop” haven’t resulted in anything substantial so I threw in the towel again.

However I left it open. I just couldn’t bring myself to close up shop. When I decided this time around that I was seriously going to work on it, I started searching Facebook groups because I knew I needed help. I knew I needed a professional opinion, and short of that I needed a community of like minded people to help me. There was so much conflicting information out there that it was hard to decide what felt best for my business.

And then I found Jami and this site. I decided that the $10/month fee (the price at the time) was worth it to see if I could make a go of this. I figured I’d spent $10 on worse stuff, and if I could double my investment it would be worth it. And so I dove in. I absorbed all the information on the site, and was active in the Facebook group. My first month brought in $160. It wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it was 16X return on my investment and I was thrilled.

This place is full of great information and support, and I honestly couldn’t do what I do without the tools I’ve gained here in this place.

5) What are your future goals for your business?

My dream is to make this a full time source of income. I want to be able to create products I love and sell them to those that truly want them. I want to make this a full time source of income so my husband doesn’t have to keep killing himself to provide for our family. I have health issues that prevent me from doing a regular job. This is my way of contributing on my terms in a way that I can manage.

Next year I’d like to double what I’ve done this year, and with the help of HJA I think I can definitely reach that goal!

Where to find and follow Craft-A-Boo:


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Handmade Spotlight: Champagne Decor

This week I’m excited to introduce you to Kristy Riese of Champagne Decor. She creates gorgeous handcrafted wood signs that are perfect for any room in your home!

1) Tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started.

I am the owner and artisan behind Champagne Decor. I taught high school for 8 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. I consider being with my babies the biggest blessing. I have always dreamed to starting up my own business, and found myself needed an outlet. I have always loved art, and found myself staying up late at night playing with my paints again. It had been years since I held a paint brush. I have always dreamed big! I think it’s important my girls see that with hard work and dedication dreams can come true. It is such an amazing honor to think people love my work enough to display it in their homes. I hope my pieces brighten up and bring inspiration to homes around the world.

2) What is your favorite part of owning a handmade business?

I really enjoy hand crafting each sign. I love the process. starting with a rough piece of wood, and transforming it into something beautiful. I also love being able to contribute to my family financially. When I made the decision to stay home with my girls it was a big leap of faith for us. I am beyond thankful for each and every purchase. Every purchase is a blessing to my little family.

3) What is something you’ve learned during your handmade journey that you’d like to share to help or inspire others?

I have learned so many things. This entire process has been a huge learning curve for me. I have two small children therefore time is of the essence for me. I have learned at times it is okay to slow down and take baby steps. We want to be able to do it all. We want that immediate success. I have found everyone’s handmade journey is different. For me, sometimes I have to take a minute to regroup; because after all I am first a wife and mommy. I have also learned success does not come overnight to most. Great pictures and good SEO’s are absolutely key to running a successful Etsy shop! It takes a lot of time and hard work to get all the working parts of your shop to come together. When I’m feeling defeated I always remember my why! I want my girls to see with hard work and determination you can turn your dreams into a reality.

4) How has the Handmade Journey Academy helped grow your business?

Without Handmade Journey Academy I would of most likely shut down my shop months ago. I am the person that opened in February, and didn’t make a sale for months after. I owe any success I have had thus far to the Handmade Journey Academy. I must admit I was that person that never thought I would ever pay to be apart of a group like Handmade Journey, but y’all it really is worth it. Not only is Jami amazing, but the community is outstanding. Not only are the resources Jami provides live saving for your business; the people within the community provide you the support we all need so much!

5) What are your future goals for your business?

I hope to continue to build my little Etsy shop with the help of Handmade Journey Academy. I plan to continue to utilize the resources of Handmade Journey Academy to become more knowledgeable, and successful.

Where to find and follow Champagne Decor.


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Handmade Spotlight: MarioSiArt

This week I’m excited to introduce you to Mario Saverino of MarioSiArt. He creates stunning art on cards, ready to frame prints, and personalized stationary.

1) Tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started.

MarioSiART is all about my journey with my art and sharing it with the world. I started out with Blank Note Cards and have been slowly growing with Signed Art Prints ready to frame, other Personalized Stationery and soon Graphic Art Prints and Inspirational Quotes. I said in one of my listings in my Etsy Shop, I want to keep the art of sending handwritten note cards and thank you cards alive in this new digital age.

The way I got started is very unique for me. I always wanted to be an artist and or graphic designer working in a big bright art studio and creating all day. As a good friend of mine would say, “Oh you want to sit around and draw all day.” I guess that’s true. My biggest problem or fear was I was unable to find inspiration. I had all the supplies, papers, inks, paints, brushes, pens and pencils, yet every time I would start thinking today is the day, I would draw a blank. It wasn’t until my best friend passed that I realized life was short and I should follow my dreams before it’s too late. So I booked a flight and set out to the one placed I always dreamed of seeing, Italy. When I returned from Italy everything in my life changed and my stalled talent started pouring out of me. Everyday since I have either painted, doodled, sketched something or took my camera and started looking at everything and anything. Italy was my muse. I became alive as an artist and I haven’t looked back since.

2) What is your favorite part of owning a handmade business?

My favorite part of having a handmade life business is freedom. Freedom to explore and try and be me. I love creating. I love filling orders. Each one of my orders is very personal to me – just like my art and while I am working on an order I am thinking of the person that ordered from me. Hoping they will love it as much as I do creating it. I hope my art will bring them some happiness, some joy and I am truly dedicating my art to them. I don’t keep stock and I don’t mass produce. I have my originals in a file drawer and when an order is placed, I get to work printing, cutting the paper, scoring the paper, and folding, if it’s for a note card set and packing. I find this to be as creative as when I created the original. I enjoy this process. I’m actually looking forward to the days I receive so many orders I am up all night filling them.

3) What is something you’ve learned during your handmade journey that you’d like to share to help or inspire others?

Be patient. If you work hard you are bound to get someone to notice you. My new motto is the more fishing poles you put out, the more chances of catching a fish you will get. So trying anything and everything it can never hurt you if you are putting your all into it. Another thing I learned is, not everyone cares about your products as much as you do. That’s ok, but when someone does find me, orders something they found interesting and then takes the time to write an email thanking me, means I have done something right and encourages me to keep working. I also have learned is you are not allowed to give up. If you are slow or not getting sales keep on creating and trying something you have not thought of. Learn more about other peoples craft. Learn more of that crazy thing called SEO, which I still have no clue how that works. Just do it!

4) How has the Handmade Journey Academy helped grow your business?

– Reading questions and comments and having engagement is fantastic for me. Knowing I can ask a question and get a good solid answer to me is worth much.
– Watching and knowing there are many videos provided and basic steps you can follow from writing a good description to setting up an Instagram business page. This is just plain helpful information. I was totally lost when I did the Pinterest course – but guess what, it’s still there and I get to re-watch it again and again.
– That you can go at your own pace – and seeing that the Journey Academy is growing as well. I find it amazing how hands on Jami is – that blows me away – she answers every post and she comments on almost everyone’s post. Pretty amazing. To me that means she cares as much as I do. She can easily do less, but she doesn’t and I like knowing that her journey continues as well.

5) What are your future goals for your business?

Very hard question to answer – I have many. I guess my number one goal is the same as it was when I started all this – Keeping the Art of sending a person/friend a personal note card and just saying “hi” or a thank you message for a lovely dinner, gift or a card saying “hello, I’ve been thinking about you”.
Funny, every year I would get a great birthday card from my mother-in-law with a great note. One year she sent me a digital card that I had to sign-in to download – I wanted to shout when I received it, it was pretty upsetting. She never did that before in all these years. I know that she was very proud of herself that she was able to use the computer and do it – but it was still very sad to me. To this day I am thrilled when I pickup the mail and see a hand address envelope with my name on it. So my goal is to teach all the young people to learn how to write a note card as well. Sounds crazy. All my nieces and nephews send cards to me – their mom taught them well.

Where to find and follow MarioSiArt. 


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Handmade Spotlight: Graceful Guessing

Handmade Seller Spotlight Rita WilliamsThis week I’m excited to introduce you to Rita Williams of Graceful Guessing.  She creates beautiful graphics for handmade sellers and every day items that make great gifts!

From logos to mousepads to coffee mugs- she has it all!

1) Tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started.

I have always been a crafter-I’ve always loved making things and giving them as gifts. I would (and still do) pick up things at big chain stores and start dissecting it; trying to figure out how they made it so I could make something even better.

I began shopping on Etsy in 2010 and toyed around with the idea of opening an Etsy shop for years. At that time, I didn’t really know what I’d focus on so I held off. But after a particularly frustrating time at the job I’ve worked at for 10 years, I decided to stop putting my dream on hold. Graceful Guessing opened on April 5, 2017 and it was one of the proudest moments of my life.

2) What is your favorite part of owning a handmade business?

I love connecting with other makers; so much in fact, that I built my business around them. When I opened my shop, I was originally making cards and wall art. The further I got into my journey, the more I noticed that new handmade business owners needed unique, affordable graphic design services and packaging solutions. So I completely shifted focus and built my shop inventory around them and for them.

3) What is something you’ve learned during your handmade journey that you’d like to share to help or inspire others?

It’s kind of cliche, but growing your shop takes time. We all cross our fingers and hope that the minute we put something on the internet it’ll go viral or sell out in minutes; but it just doesn’t work that way. However, if you work hard enough and you’re good to your clients, you’ll slowly but surely build an amazing audience and make wonderful friends along the way.

Also, you’re going to make plenty of mistakes and that is completely normal; it’s all apart of learning the ropes and it’ll shape you into a better business owner.

4) How has the Handmade Journey Academy helped grow your business?

I can’t even begin to count all of the ways that the Handmade Journey Academy has helped my business grow. I struggled with SEO for a good few months before stumbling upon Jami’s blog, and ultimately the Academy. I also knew next to nothing about how to interact with an audience on Facebook and Instagram and HJA helped me tremendously there too! Having a wonderful community of makers to encourage you and help you along the way is invaluable.

5) What are your future goals for your business?

I want to make more products to help handmade business owners. Right now I’m working on a Holiday line, as well as cupcake boxes, soap boxes, and soap bar wraps.

Where to find and follow Graceful Guessing:


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Boost Sales with Etsy Promoted Listings

As a handmade seller myself, I understand the struggle to grow your business.  I’m always on the lookout for strategies that can help improve sales with little time or money investment and Etsy promoted listings is one of my favs.

Most sellers will find that Etsy promoted listings can improve sales within just a few days.  Read on to learn what Etsy promoted listings are, why you need to use them, and how to set them up.

Etsy Promoted Listings are a great way to boost your Etsy sales. In my own shop I saw a 10% sales increase after using Etsy Promoted Listings.

What are Etsy Promoted Listings?

Etsy Promoted listings are featured ad spots to help your products receive more exposure.  It’s like paying for a boost in the search results.  This means that more buyers will see your listings and you’re more likely to get sales.

Promoted listings work in an auction style format.  You’ll compete against other sellers for ad space and Etsy will show your ad based on the amount you’re willing to pay for each click which is your bid and the quality and relevance of your listing.

The more you pay per click the more likely your ad is to be shown but it also means you’ll be paying more for the ad space.

Why use Etsy Promoted Listings?

The main goal for most Etsy sellers is consistent sales and promoted listings can help you achieve that.  My first year on Etsy I generated over $4,000 in sales from promoted listings alone.  That was over 10% of my sales so promoted listings really made a huge difference.

If you’re having trouble gaining momentum with your listings or you’d just like to see more sales promoted listings can be a great way to achieve that.  I recommend trying promoted listings out for a week.  You can set it up so that the max it will charge is $1 per day so for an investment of $7 or less you can try it out and see if it helps your shop.

How do I set up Etsy Promoted Listings?

You can set up promoted listings by going to your Etsy Shop Dashboard, then to Marketing, and then to Promoted listings.  You’ll find the option to turn on promoted listings by clicking the Manage button.

You’ll also find various settings that can help fine tune your promoted listing strategy within the Manage section like setting the max cost per click.  I recommend fine tuning that setting to make sure Etsy isn’t taking too much of your profits.

Watch below to see my exact strategy and steps:

To help you even further I’ve created a video tutorial for you where I share my tested Promoted Listings strategy and my recommended max cost per click to help protect your profits.  The video below walks you through the entire process of turning on and setting up promoted listings.

This in an exclusive strategy that’s normally only available to the paid members of the Handmade Journey Academy but I’m making it available here for a limited time.  To watch the video simply type your name and email below.

Handmade Spotlight: Designs by Rachel Lynn

Designs by Rachel LynnThis week I’m excited to introduce you to Rachel Wenger of Designs by Rachel Lynn.

From  wristlets to chapstick holders you’ll find lots of products in super fun prints and colors within Rachel’s shop.  Read on to learn more about Rachel and her business.

1) Tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started.

I am a wife and boy mommy that works full time in marketing for a scenic design company in the Entertainment Industry, with a business on the side. Whoa. It all started after graduating from college with a Fashion Marketing Business degree, looking for a full time job and not finding much in the field in the middle of Amish Country (Lancaster, PA!).

I used my skills of sewing along with my skills in the marketing field to build a brand for myself, making and sewing women’s accessories. I’ve experienced a lot of local craft shows, trade shows, wholesaling and Etsy selling and am excited about the future of my business!

2) What is your favorite part of owning a handmade business?

My favorite part of owning a handmade business is by far the satisfaction. There is nothing quite like that perfect review where someone says things like “Love it! She was absolutely the best to work with. Understood and helped me with my needs and it turned out amazing!”

It really gets my motivation going when I see an awesome review like this because I truly believe that the best thing you can do for a business is have a great personal presence to your customers.

3) What is something you’ve learned during your handmade journey that you’d like to share to help or inspire others?

I’ve learned so much! I’ve been selling on Etsy for 7 years, and never thought to really just stop, take another look at my shop, and make it cohesive. I always looked at each listing as just individual listings, thinking people will only look at that one listing and not actually shop around my entire Etsy store. Jami helped me to realize how important it is to be cohesive throughout your entire Etsy shop (as well as all social media platforms as well!).

I can now say that my personal website, Etsy shop, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest account all fall into the same branding and give off the same looks. I’ve also had more people purchasing multiple items in my shop and not just one! It’s a great feeling knowing that they are looking at my Etsy shop like a store!

4) How has the Handmade Journey Academy helped grow your business?

The Handmade Journey Academy has helped me grow my business in so many ways. As I said before, I never realized how important it was to be cohesive across multiple platforms!

I’ve learned that it is truly important to have a social media presence, and most importantly, that you use that presence to show and remind people that you are YOU! You are the one person behind your brand, making, sewing, creating, shipping, etc.! People love this. Remind them of this everyday! They LOVE personal connection and that is why this has been my focal point!

5) What are your future goals for your business?

The future scares me!
But really, I’ve been working really hard at getting people to know my brand. I’m doing this because my short-term goal is to have a super successful holiday season. Long term, I’m not 100% sure yet, but the idea of creating a brand with a few other momma’s like me helping to sew so that I can have the time to work on the Marketing aspect sounds just up my alley! 🙂

Where to find and follow Designs by Rachel Lynn:


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6 Things to Try When Your Etsy Sales Slow Down

I know how frustrating it can be when your Etsy sales drop unexpectedly.  Many people will try to find something or someone to blame and will lose motivation.  That’s the opposite of what you should do though.  When sales drop that’s a great time to experiment with something new.  Trying something new will renew your motivation and hopefully lead to more sales.  Here are 6 of my favorite things to try when your sales drop.

When your Etsy sales slow down it's easy to lose motivation. Here are a few things to try so that you can get your sales back up as quickly as possible.

Run a Sale

During slow periods you may want to offer an extra incentive to shoppers to purchase your products.  You can use Etsy’s new Sales & Coupons tool to create a sale or create a coupon code.  When you set the sale up make sure you tell your buyers that it’s a limited time only sale to encourage them to make a purchase then and there.

Also, make sure your sale is enticing enough.  I recommend using a discount percentage of at least 20% off or an amount of $5 off.  Buyers aren’t really motivated by discounts that are any lower.

Try Extra Renewing

Most sellers don’t know about my favorite Etsy strategy.  Extra renewing is when you renew your Etsy listings outside of the normal 4 month period.  One of the biggest factors that determines where your listings will rank in the Etsy search results is called recency which is how recently an item was listed or renewed.

Paying 20 cents to renew your listing will often give it a big bump in the search results.  You may be concerned about paying this extra fee but I like to think of it as advertising.  With any business you’ll likely have to spend some money on advertising so figure out what your advertising budget is and use a portion of it for extra renewing.  Click here if you’d like to learn more about extra renewing.

Use Etsy’s Promoted Listings

Promoted listings are a way to purchase ad space on Etsy.  On each page of the Etsy search results you’ll find designated ad spots at the top and at the middle of the page.  You can pay for Etsy promoted listings for a chance for your product to be featured in these spots.  It’s a great way to build momentum for your business and increase your sales.

I will give a word of caution though.  If you leave your promoted listings set at the default max cost per click (the fee you’ll be charged if someone clicks on your ad) they can get really pricey.  Try out different max cost per clicks and keep a close eye on how much you are spending on promoted listings vs the revenue they are generating.  Click here to learn my exclusive promoted listings strategy.

Host a Giveaway

A giveaway can be a fun way to get some excitement buzzing about your brand.  I love Instagram giveaways because you can collaborate with other handmade sellers or Instagram influencers and get in front of their audience too.

Try to collaborate with other sellers who have the same target audience.  If you sell jewelry you may want to team up with someone who sells scarves.  Or if you sell soap you may want to team up with someone who sells wash cloths.

Work on SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the work that you do to make sure your listings have the best chance to appear in as many different Etsy search results as possible and as high in the search results as possible.  This work is the key to getting views on Etsy which will lead to sales.

SEO is a never ending process so even if you’ve put in effort to optimize your listings in the past you can always improve.  Look at the past few weeks and see if any of your keyword phrases aren’t getting any views.  If they aren’t you may either want to try extra renewing or your may want to try a different phrase.  If you’re not sure what SEO is click here to learn the basics.

Take New Photos

I can’t stress the importance of good photos enough.  If you want to ensure that buyers click on your listings you need a photo that is inviting.  The recipe for success is a photo that is bright where the product is the star of the show.  If you feel like your photos could use some work I recommend taking advantage of slower times and experimenting with new backgrounds or photo locations.

Also if you sell accessories or apparel try to find a friend who is willing to model your products for you.  Modeled photos give the buyer an idea of the size of the product and how they can wear the product.  If you’d like to learn more about taking great photos for Etsy click here for my top photo tips.

Keep Trying New Things

Hopefully these tips help break you out of your low sales rut.  The key to growing a business is to focus on trying new things and experimenting until you find what works for your products.  Stay curious and focused on learning new things and you’ll find that you can quickly turn a period of low sales around.

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Handmade Spotlight: Once Upon a Fairy Tale

This week I’m excited to introduce you to Stephanie Duncan of Once Upon a Fairy Tale.  Take one look at her products and you’ll see that they truly do help celebrate life’s little moments!

From tutus to photo frames and so much more she’s got everything to make someone feel like a princess.  Read on to learn more about Stephanie and her business.

1) Tell us a little bit about your business and how it got started.

I am the creator of Once Upon a Fairy Tale! We specialize in handmade tutus, accessories, and custom gifts celebrating life’s little moments. From baby showers, new baby photos, 1st birthday and smash cake photos; to birthday celebrations, wedding day flower girls, and more! Childhood milestones are precious and deserve to be celebrated!

Some of my fondest memories of myself as a child are of dressing up in my most glamorous dresses and my great grandmothers jewelry as I twirled around my bedroom completely carefree. Those ruffles and sparkles that I loved so much as a child lead me down my path of which included clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories throughout the various milestones in my career path.

I’m and MBA and also have a degree (B.A.) in Textiles and Apparel and more than 15 years experience in children’s accessories. My background includes various outlets of retail, merchandise buying and design, and now my own love and creation, Once Upon a Fairy Tale. This is where I have the opportunity to explore all elements of my creativity and passion and share them with others!

The inspiration for my fairy tale tutus, tees, and accessories comes from little minds with big dreams and imaginations. Every child wants to feel special and I make that happen with every thought out detail that not only creates an adorable look, but evokes their emotions. Though I strive to make Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, and Friend happy with their purchase; nothing makes me happier than when the child lights up with excitement because she is a Princess and that is my ultimate motivation!

2) What is your favorite part of owning a handmade business?

I love the creative freedom that comes with owning my handmade business. I have been able to take what inspires me and create something beautiful of my own vision and tell my story through my product lines.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the reaction of my audience when I enter a new market or launch a new product line. I have loved watching my business evolve over the years and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

3) What is something you’ve learned during your handmade journey that you’d like to share to help or inspire others?

Stay true to who you are and what you want your business to be. No matter how much we would like, we cannot be everything to everybody all the time. It’s best to remain focused on your vision and with a lot of hard work and persistence, your audience will follow. It’s ok to test new products, but keeping a focused product line is key to building a strong foundation for the future of the business.

Above all, you have to be ready to work hard to achieve success. There’s a lot more to owning a handmade business than making some great products, taking some pictures, and listing them. I now realize the work involved in owning and operating a handmade web business and I’ve never been more excited or determined to make my business succeed than I am today.

4) How has the Handmade Journey Academy helped grow your business?

Handmade Journey Academy (HJA) has been amazing! In terms of my web business platform, I wasn’t on the map until I found HJA. Jami has provided many tools to to not only develop my Etsy shop, but also the whole process behind the scenes helping me to get and stay organized and efficient. I could go on all day about the overabundance of information, courses, resources, tutorials, etc that are provided.

What makes this group different from all of the others I have joined and left behind me is the support system. The positive energy and support among members on a daily basis has motivated me on more than one occasion to keep going. I am so happy I found HJA a few months ago. I have seen a lot of great results so far and though I know I have a long journey ahead of me, I’m having a blast!

5) What are your future goals for your business?

For the past 8 years, I have spent much of my time showcasing my designs at some of the most sought out Craft Fairs locally. I have had the opportunity to meet some really great people along the way and look forward to expanding and developing more relationships through Etsy and other platforms going forward.

It is my ultimate goal to have my own website in the near future and I would love to eventually see my designs in a brick and store front setting. Who knows? Maybe one day I will have my own brick and mortar boutique!

Where to find and follow Once Upon a Fairy Tale:


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Ways to Stay Motivated When Etsy Sales Are Slow

When your Etsy sales are slow it can be easy to feel like you’ve done something wrong.  Usually that’s not the case.  Retail sales are a constant roller coaster ride of ups and downs that often can’t be explained.  Here are some tips that will help you stay motivated and moving forward with your business when sales are slow.

Here are some tips that will help you stay motivated and moving forward with your handmade business when Etsy sales are slow.

Find Something That Motivates You When Etsy Sales Are Slow

It’s hard to stay positive and motivated when sales are down.  So take this time to lean on some motivational tools.

  • One of my favorites is music.  Different music motivates us so find a positive song that really speaks to you or better yet a positive playlist.  Click here for a YouTube playlist of motivational songs that Handmade Journey members have recommended.
  • Read a motivational book or audiobook.  One of my favorites is You Are a Badass* by Jen Sincero.
  • There are a ton of YouTube channels and podcasts out there that are motivational.  I love the GoalCast channel on Youtube because it shares inspirational stories of people’s rise to the top.  Brilliant Business Moms is one of my favorite business podcasts.  Beth Anne delivers content for business owners in a positive and encouraging way.
  • Laughter can truly be the best medicine.  Find a new comedy moive or TV show that’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

Find an Accountability Buddy

Each of us needs someone that we can talk to about our business.  Here are a few ways to best use an accountability buddy.

  • Find someone who has a similar business or is at a similar stage in their journey.  Check in with them to share your successes and struggles.
  • Have an honest discussion with your accountability buddy about the things that can veer you off track with your business.  Let them know the things that have derailed you in the past so that they can motivate you when those things come up in the future.
  • Commit to a regular check-in time and put it on the calendar.  Knowing that you are going to be checking in with your accountability buddy is often enough to keep you motivated and moving forward with your business.

Learn a New Skill

Slow times in your business can be useful for learning a new skill which helps us keep our minds active and busy.

  • See if there are any local crafting courses being offered in your area.  Being around other creatives can be super motivating.  Even a paint night can be enough to break you out of the trap of feeling unmotivated.
  • Sign up for an online class through SkillShare.  They have tons of classes in areas like painting, crafting, cooking, marketing and so much more.  Click here to get two free months of SkillShare*.

Try Something New in Your Business

This is where you take the new skill you learned or something you’ve been wanting to try and you put it into practice.  Shaking things up by trying something new can help us stay interested in our businesses even when things aren’t going as well as we would like.

  • Try a new way to drive traffic to your Etsy shop.  Click here to learn some new ideas like hosting a giveaway, online party or signing up for a craft show.
  • Create a product that is different from anything you’ve created before.  Sometimes it can take a while to hone in on a product that your customers will go crazy for.  So try something new.  It doesn’t have to be drastically different either.  Try a new color scheme or a new technique.
  • Create a new shop icon or cover photo for your Etsy shop.  Sometimes when our business feels a little stuck it can do wonders to freshen up our shop.  Try using a free program like Canva.com which has free templates for shop icons and cover photos.

Remember How Far You’ve Come

When I’m feeling a little bummed out about my business I love to take a look back and remember all the things I’ve already accomplished.

  • Keep track of your sales in a fun way.  You can buy beautiful scratch off maps that are similar to a lottery ticket to celebrate each sale in a new state or country.  Click here to see an example of a US scratch off map* on Etsy and click here to see an example of a scratch off world map* on Etsy.  You can also print off coloring pages from your computer and color in each state or country as you make a sale.
  • Look back at your older photos or social media posts.  Often I’ve found that I’ve fine tuned my product creation and my photos over time without even realizing it.  Taking a look back at photos you’ve taken a few months or years ago can really be eye opening to show you how much you’ve grown.
  • Read some of your past reviews to remember how happy your products have made buyers in the past.  Creating a product that people love is often one of the main reasons that we all start a handmade business so this alone can often be really motivational.
  • Take a screenshot of accomplishments like when you hit your first 100 sales or when you receive a really great review.  You can even print these out and tape them up around your workspace.

Ready Your Business For Busier Times

The best way to make use of slower times is to really work on your business so that you’re ready for busier sales periods like the holidays.  You’ll stay busy which can help you stay motivated.

  • Take the time to get organized.  Make sure you have all of your supplies in stock and that you’re caught up on paperwork.  When sales are busier we often don’t have as much time for things like this so the slow times can be a perfect way to get caught up.
  • Get your shop in tip top shape.  Really learn and implement SEO strategies so that you can appear in as many search results as possible.  Also take new photos of your products to make your shop look fresh and inviting.  And grab your freebie Etsy Shop Makeover Checklist which will help make sure you’ve covered all the bases and have built a shop with a solid foundation.
  • Train a friend or family member to help you with your business.  Many sellers, especially those who create holiday decor or products that make a great gift find that their sales go up exponentially during the holiday season.  Use the slower times to find someone who is willing to help with your business and train them to make your products or package your products.
  • Prepare some freezer meals during your slow times so that you’ve got a quick and easy dinner already made on nights you’ve got a ton of orders to work on.  HappyMoneySaver.com has a ton of quick and easy options.

*This post may contain affiliate links as noted with an asterisk*, which means that if you click on one of the links I’ve included, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale if you should make a purchase. But I only share products that I have tried and love or I would actually purchase myself.

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